piranhas assassinas

Piranhas Assassinas is an indie series about activists that fight crime in Brazil. With a twist.

Follow these three girls while they fight crime in Brazil on their motorbikes! The catch? instead of making things better, they end up unwillingly causing more crime, throwing Brazil into a spiral of recession and anarchy.

Inspired by Charlie's Angels, Knightrider and Easy Rider think of Piranhas Assassinas as a Tarantino flick with Latino blood and social criticism.

Feel interested?

What is this Indie Series about?

Piranhas Asssassinas - Inspirations

After pitching Piranhas Assassinas around to producers, Pedro Santos (the director) received positive feedback from all.


However, due to the current circumstances, he was challenged to launch a crowdfunding campaign.

They want to test if we have an audience interested in watching Piranhas Assassinas


And more importantly, if we have your support.


Yes, if you invest in Piranhas Assassinas, you will be a Producer. But how - you ask.

Once we launch our crowdfunding campaign, no matter how much you decide to invest; $1 or $100 - you’ll be credited as a producer.


Why? Because all investors will have the chance to collaborate with us creatively, by suggesting bits of dialogue, ideas for an episode, etc. All of this in our online Producer's board.

Why Crowdfunding an Indie Series

You will Produce Piranhas Assassinas

Fake news have changed people's perceptions and even elections in countries like Brazil and the United States.

Our Marketing Campaign consists of creating Fake News about Brazil, to bring awareness to the current information problem, approaching each piece of news as a satire about this indie series​.


The reporters writing on the website are the three girls activists, the Piranhas Assassinas. You'll get to know each of the characters a bit better, to understand how they see the world, and their ultimate vision for Brazil.

Brazilian Fake News

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Thanks for helping fight crime in Brazil

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